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Yeti Care

YetiCare is a unique combination of a giant tablet and software for users with special needs


• Navigation designed for care environment to support independent use
• Wide range of content sorted by theme to suit the customer’s context
• Possibility to adjust icon size, screen brightness and colours

App Catgeories






  • We are constantly developing new proprietary YetiApps applications for our customers
  • YetiApps are designed for all levels of users
  • YetiApps are free of intrusive ads
  • In addition, the Play Store offers an unlimited range of apps

Yeti Tablet

  • A large 55” or 65” touchscreen allows group activities, as well as accessibility for people with physical limitations or visual impairment
  • Secure Android tablet with Google certification (EDLA)
  • Steel frame and safety glass to withstand heavy use
  • Easily movable, motorised and wheeled stand
  • Adjustable screen height to suit each user and tiltable up to table position


Since 2015, we have been at the forefront of promoting digitalisation for people with special needs. That year, we introduced a giant Android tablet to nursing homes to aid operation and interaction. Today, our product development is more and more focused on inclusive software

A Case Study in Clece

The Yeti Tablet was used in Clece:

  • For therapeutic leisure through group activities and games like karaoke, hangman, bingo, board games, music, movies, etc.
  • For stimulating information processing (problem-solving, remembering, learning) and senses with the help of different applications (brain games, sensory applications and, for example, sharing family photos)
  • For reminiscence therapy with Google Earth.
  • For maintenance of physical abilities with exercise applications.
  • For rehabilitation exercises of brain-damaged individuals.
  • For exercising working memory, attention orientation and executive functions.
  • For practising and developing everyday life functions, logical reasoning and linguistic functions with the aid of the NeuronUP application

Observations from Staff

Both the seniors and staff liked the ease of use of the Yetitablet. It felt like using a smartphone.

The staff didn’t even need training as the device was very intuitive.

The device has some useful features for care environments. The size of Yetitablet facilitates reading for people with low vision; the motorized stand allows the device to be raised and tilted so it’s easily adapted to each user’s mobility needs. Moreover, the shock resistance meant that the staff didn’t need to stress about a user hitting and breaking the screen.

The size was key in facilitating more group activities that previously were harder to do on paper. The novelty factor also made activities more interesting for the residents and helped them to participate more and bond as a group.
The devices were already installed with apps ideal for the care environment. This saved time as the staff didn’t need to research potential uses, test, or download apps. It came with 60 potential activities out of the box so the staff already had plenty of ideas on what to do with it.

If any of the preselected apps didn’t suit the needs of the user, the staff still had the freedom to download from the Play Store any other app that they wanted.

Yeti Care - Smart Technology for everyone

Moments of joy, achievements and cultivating a sense of unity increase the wellbeing of people of all ages.

The large screen excels in encouraging social interaction and makes organising group activities easy and simple.

YetiCare is developed in collaboration with healthcare organisations, professionals and users.