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Strengthening Data Security and IT Systems:

Welcome to Altus Healthcare, your dedicated Managed Service Provider, devoted to protecting care providers and care home owners with resilient data security solutions.

In this era of technology-driven healthcare, we prioritize safeguarding your operations against cyber threats, assuring the safety of your valuable data.

Safekeeping Resident Data

Care orbits around shielding resident data. Altus empowers your care home to fortify personal and medical information.

Streamlined Compliance

Navigating data protection regulations is eased. Attaining Cyber Essentials certification showcases compliance with stringent data protection laws, such as GDPR.

Pro Active IT Support

We know what it takes to run a busy IT department. The trick is to be ready and pre-empt any issues before the end user realises. This is what we do.

Cultivating Trust

Trust forms the bedrock of care. Good IT nurtures confidence among families, residents, and stakeholders.

Empowering Your Team

We champion education. Through good IT support, your care team adopts a security-conscious ethos, empowering them to navigate digital realms with responsibility.


Security is more than just about getting the right tools, it is about the state of mind and best practice.

Anticipating Threats

Cyber threats evolve – and so do we. Altus equips your care home to pinpoint vulnerabilities, bolster defenses, and mitigate disruptions to care provision.

Uninterrupted Care

Care continuity is paramount. Altus ensures seamless care operations, even when confronted with cyber challenges.

Boost Your Care Home's Security Today!

Partner with Altus Healthcare and fortify your care home against cyber threats. Discover the benefits of Cyber Essentials certification for safeguarding resident data, building trust, and unlocking new care provision opportunities. Contact us to take the first step towards unparalleled data security and be on your way toward DSPT compliance


Empower Your Care Home: Shield Against Rising Cyber Threats with Altus Healthcare

The fast-changing world of today places emphasise on creating an inclusive and accessible environment within care homes, and Altus is leading the way in achieving this. Committed to providing exceptional living standards for all, their advanced assisted hearing systems are in line with the Equality and Diversity Act to ensure that each resident’s needs are met.

Your Path to DSPT Compliance with Altus Healthcare

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is an essential online framework for UK healthcare organisations. It’s designed to validate their data security and information governance protocols, especially when accessing NHS data. 

Non-compliance can result in restricted access to vital NHS services and data, potentially damaging an organisation’s reputation and trust in handling sensitive patient data.

For businesses engaged in the healthcare sector, ensuring timely DSPT compliance is paramount for operational integrity and maintaining client trust.

Cyber Essentials is upto 40% of your DSPT compliance.

In an increasingly digital world, the vulnerability of care homes to cyber threats can’t be ignored. Altus can help you achieve security and peace of mind for your staff, residents, data and business. The Cyber Essentials Certificate is a governement backed framework, endorsed and implemented by Altus, to help you on your way to DSPT compliance.

How We Make DSPT Compliance Achievable:

Tailored Solutions: Customized solutions that align with your operational requirements.

Robust Data Security Measures: State-of-the-art security measures to safeguard data and mitigate risks.

Seamless IT Systems Integration: Optimization of technology environment for uninterrupted operations.

Regulatory Adherence: Navigating data protection regulations with finesse for compliance.

Holistic Support: Training and guidance to empower your staff in data security.

Our Pricing Plans

Excellent value packages for the entrepeneur, the sole trader, the business partnership or the small business. Expert IT support to make sure you are secure, professional and accountable.

Choose the right Plan for you NON DSPT COMPLIANT
£13.95 /per mo
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Basic Productivity Suite
Email Archive & Back Up
Anti Virus
Advanced Email Security
Security Awareness Training
Password Management
Premium Productivity & Security Suite
Managed Detection and Response
Security Operations Centre
Virtual Desktop
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Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

 Hacking incidents are on the rise in the UK. Protect your care home with Altus Healthcare’s expertise. Embrace Cyber Essentials certification to bolster trust, allocate resources effectively, and fortify partnerships. Reach out to us today and navigate the digital healthcare landscape with confidence.