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Experience Cinematic Magic in the Comfort of Your Care Home

At Altus Digital Systems, we believe that every individual deserves to relish the joy of the silver screen, regardless of their age or mobility. Our dedicated service brings the enchantment of the cinema right to the heart of care homes, enriching the lives of residents and creating unforgettable moments

Big Button TV Remote


The Mitchell & Brown big button TV remote is an ideal choice for elderly users due to its simple design and large, easily-readable buttons that provide access to the main television functions. The convenience of its clear and simplified buttons makes this universal remote an excellent choice for ease of use.

No Setup Required

The Mitchell & Brown big button tv remote requires no setup- just point the remote at your TV and you’re ready to go! With this innovative Universal tv remote, setup is a thing of the past.

Universal TV Remotes

Our big button TV remote is suitable for use with all Mitchell & Brown televisions as well as popular brands, including Samsung, LG, SONY, Philips and Panasonic. Other leading brands are also supported.

TV Remote for the Elderly

This remote is designed with the elderly, and those with poor finger dexterity or impaired vision, in mind. Its large buttons offer simple volume and channel changing capabilities while its comfortable shape makes it easy to hold.

Mitchell and Brown JB-32FS1811 – 32" HD Ready Freeview HD TV


Mitchell & Brown TV is an esteemed British brand renowned for its innovation in consumer electronics.

Mitchell & Brown TV’s provide customers with the most up-to-date technology and expert craftsmanship at competitive prices. Produced by the largest television manufacturer in Europe, each television is made with quality and customer satisfaction as the main focus.

We ensure our televisions meet the highest standards of excellence through rigorous quality control and offer a 7-year warranty across the range, significantly above industry standard.

Mitchell & Brown have the perfect TV for you, from 4K Ultra HD to HD Ready. If you’re after an Android TV, Freeview Play, Smart TV, DVD Combi or Smart TV DVD Combi, they’ve got it all. Whatever your entertainment needs may be, they’ll have a television to suit them.

Unveiling the Cinema

Room Experience

Imagine a cozy space within your care home transformed into a captivating movie haven. Our expert team collaborates closely with care home staff to design and set up a cinema room tailored to the unique needs of your residents. With carefully chosen furnishings, premium audio visual equipment, and a touch of cinematic flair, we create an ambiance that takes residents on a journey beyond the confines of their daily routines.

Features that Define Us

Comfortable Seating

Our cinema rooms boast plush seating arrangements that ensure optimal comfort for every resident. From recliners to spacious sofas, we cater to various preferences, making sure everyone can enjoy the cinematic experience.

Cutting-Edge Audio Visual Technology

Crystal-clear screens and surround sound systems transport residents into the heart of the action. Every visual detail and audio nuance is finely tuned to offer

Diverse Film Selection

Crystal-clear screens and surround sound systems transport residents into the heart of the action. Every visual detail and audio nuance is finely tuned to offer an immersive experience that stirs emotions and sparks conversation

Social Engagement

The cinema room serves as a hub for social interaction. Residents can come together, share stories, and bond over shared cinematic experiences. It is an avenue to combat isolation and nurture a sense of community.

Customized Scheduling

We work with care home administrators to create a screening schedule that aligns with the residents' routines and preferences. Matinees, themed nights, and special occasions are seamlessly integrated into the calendar.

The Impact We Create

The presence of a cinema room has a transformative effect on the overall atmosphere of your care home. Laughter resonates through the halls, conversations flourish, and a palpable sense of excitement fills the air before each screening.

Why Choose Us

With years of experience in designing and implementing cinema room solutions for care homes, we have perfected the art of creating cinematic wonderlands that residents adore. Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to enhancing the lives of residents set us apart as a trusted partner for care homes seeking to provide exceptional experiences.

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