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Nobi combines optical care sensors and artificial intelligence in a stylish, life-saving lamp that fits seamlessly into any interior.

Nobi in the spotlight

A Stylish Lamp That Meticulously Surveys The Room

Nobi’s attractive and timeless design for living rooms and bedrooms

Meet Nobi
The World’s Smartest Lamp

Nobi detects a fall

Nobi notifies caregivers
or family members

Help arrives quickly

The older person receives

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Our Features

User-Friendly Dashboard

For residential care homes/hospitals

A user-friendly dashboard that gives a 24/7 overview of all activity in all Nobi-equipped rooms, including a link to medical records.

At Home

User-friendly, intuitive app for trusted contacts.


Preventive care

Thanks to notifications when getting in and out of bed, caregivers can proactively help to avoid falls.

Sleep reports

A sleep behaviour overview contains crucial information for tailored care

Adaptive Lighting

Light adjusts according to time of day, helping to maintain a natural daily rhythm.

Smarter Care

Fall detection

In care facilities, Nobi provides assistance within 90 seconds of a fall.

Fall prevention

Lamp automatically turns on when getting in and out of bed.

Circadian rhythm

Light adjusts according to time of day, helping to maintain a natural daily rhythm.

Hands-free, two-way communication

Via the lamp. A caregiver/trusted contact can reassure the resident and tell them help is on the way.

Remote door unlocking

At home. If they are not at the scene, a trusted contact can let first responders inside.

100% privacy protection

Nobi’s powerful Nvidia processor analyses all images locally and deletes them if no fall incident occurs. In an emergency, Nobi will only contact the caregiver or trusted person designated by the user. The user also decides how the images can be shared: not at all, partially, or fully visible. Unrecognisable stick figures are typically used to depict the situation. This enables emergency workers to quickly assess what help is needed.

Partner of care workers

Nobi helps busy care staff with their daily tasks

Peace of mind

Thanks to Nobi, caregivers and family know they will be notified immediately if a fall occurs.

More individualised care

Thanks to Nobi, caregivers and family know they will be notified immediately if a fall occurs.

Reduces workload of care workers

By taking over repetitive administrative tasks, more time is available for valuable interactions that can make a difference in the lives and happiness of residents.

Our Partners

Nobi Installation

Assistive Technology

The fast-changing world of today places emphasis on creating an inclusive and accessible environment within care homes, and Altus is leading the way in achieving this. Committed to providing exceptional living standards for all, their advanced assisted hearing systems are in line with the Equality and Diversity Act to ensure that each resident’s needs are met.

Network and IT

Altus Healthcare is a Managed Service Provider that is committed to enhancing care providers and care home owners with robust data security solutions. In this age of healthcare powered by technology, we place utmost importance on protecting your operations from cyber threats and ensuring the security of your invaluable data.

AV Support

Altus Digital Systems is committed to ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can experience the magic of the movies. Our specialised service brings the captivating world of cinema directly to care homes, enhancing the lives of residents and crafting cherished memories.

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